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Tsuruoka ouchi gozen

(Tsuruoka Homemade Meals)

Recipe collections of local dishes using seasonal ingredients from the changing seasons

In an effort to conserve and pass down traditional local dishes, copies of Tsuruoka ouchi gozen (Tsuruoka Homemade Meals) are given out as congratulatory gifts to newlyweds who register their marriage at the Tsuruoka City Hall, in the hopes that they too will begin making these local recipes at home. These recipes have been passed down for generations, with each household making similar variations of their homemade food. This recipe collection helps young couples kick start their culinary journey by allowing them to recreate the flavours from their childhood.

In addition to this collection of recipes, the City has also published several other collections promoting local heirloom crops, as well as other traditional food products such as rice and seafood.

We provide cooking classes for citizens who would like to learn how to cook these dishes through demonstration. 

Recipe Collections

Hatake no Aji (Taste of the Farms)

Tanbo no Aji (Taste of the Rice Fields)

Hamabe no Aji (Taste of the Seashores)

Megumi no Aji (Taste of Nature's Blessing)

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