Since being designated as a City of Gastronomy in December 2014, the Tsuruoka Creative City of Gastronomy Promotion Council has been continuously designing various projects and initiatives to propel and stimulate Tsuruoka’s gastronomy in accordance with the Mission of Statement of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN). These continuous efforts, in addition to extensive cooperation from partners and collaborators, help driving further creative development in food-related industries in Tsuruoka City. 

  • Exchange Programs

    As a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, we organise exchange programmes with cities and educational institutions both inside and outside Japan.

  • Promoting Local Gastronomy

    We are constantly searching for new and creative ways to convey our local food culture.

  • Tsuruoka Homemade Meals

    We publish recipe collections sourced from local families in an effort to promote local dishes to the public.

  • Preserving and promoting Tsuruoka’s gastronomy

    Passing down traditional food knowledge through different mediums.

  • Preserving Heirloom Crops

    Learning and teaching the importance of heirloom crop preservation.

  • Educating future generations

    Teaching our students about their
    gastronomic heritage.


The one and only UCCN City of Gastronomy in Japan. Nestled between the Three Sacred Mountains of Dewa and the Sea of Japan, Tsuruoka City is home to 3 Japan Heritage Sites and is the largest municipality in the Tohoku region.

Come and experience the hidden side of Japan and traditional cuisine!