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Traditional Confections

Confections that have been passed down from generation to generation,

and continue to be at the heart of the culinary culture in Tsuruoka City


 Tsuruoka City’s famous handmade confection, the Hinagashi, is something not found in most places in Japan, but is unique to the city of Tsuruoka. A product of a mixture of both Edo (old Tokyo) and Kyoto culinary culture, this confection has since distinguished itself from its former roots to become something very Tsuruoka in both shape and flavor. Made with red and white bean paste, this visually stunning confection is the centerpiece to the celebration of Girl's Day on March and April 3rd in Tsuruoka City. 

Tochi Mochi

Tochi Mochi is a traditional confection made in Tsuruoka City. Made using centuries-old techniques utilizing wood ash and horse chestnuts. Horse chestnuts are a type of tree nut that are not typically eaten because of the amount of work that must go into removing the natural toxins to make it edible. This traditional confection is the perfect combination of knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors, as well as the care of the people preparing it today.



Sasamaki is a dish that consists of mochi rice that is wrapped in bamboo leaf and boiled. This traditional confection is typically made for the holiday Children's Day in May.

The wood ash and bamboo leaves used have sterilization and antiseptic properties. It is said that Sasamaki was once a valuable food item carried by the Yamabushi monks of the Dewa Sanzan Mountains during their training.

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