“A Journey to Rebirth” Amid the Sacred Nature of

The Three Mountains of Dewa

Shojin Ryori



More than 1400 years of history lies in these mountains for worshippers, foodies, and visitors to uncover its mystical nature. Thanks to the Yamabushi mountain monks today's generation can experience culture and food in a first-hand spiritual journey that leads you through the "journey of rebirth" to self-rediscovery.

Japan Heritage Site Three Mountains of Dewa



Chefs have kept each dish's cooking method a secret for centuries, but today we face the fear of losing this knowledge. So started the project to protect this food culture.

An ascetic cuisine where tradition and new ideas create a menu that any person regardless of religion and diet restrictions can enjoy.



Unique preservation techniques are used on the ingredients that are gathered in nature. Each plant is prepared with a different preservation and cooking method that suits them the best. This knowledge had been passed down by generations of cooks.

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