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Preparation Time:

30 Minutes

Cooking Time:

15 Minutes

Serving Size:

4 Servings

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Kandara jiru 
(Winter cod soup)

Shonai's winter tradition. The rich creamy shirako (milt / sperm sacs of male cod fish), fatty winter cod, and warm miso broth is sure to fill you up with warmth in the chilly Tsuruoka winters.


  1. Remove the head of the winter cod and innards. Then cut the fish into smaller pieces along with bones attached.

  2. Cut the offal into bite-sized pieces. In a pot of boiling water, add sake and salt. First, add in the roughly chopped winter cod pieces and let it boil for a while before adding in the offal to simmer.

  3. Remove the scum that floats up to the surface periodically. Once 90% of the winter cod is cooked through and the miso has been added in, add in the long green onions at the last.

  4. Ladle into a bowl and serve with iwanori seaweed.



  • 1 kg Madara Pacific cod (including the offal)

  • 60cc sake

  • ½ long green onion

  • 1200cc water

  • 6 tbsp miso

  • Little salt

  • Suitable amount of iwanori seaweed

Kandara (Winter cod)


Just as the Japanese word for cod is a combination of two words - fish and snow - the cod flesh is snow-white in colour and they become more delicious when it starts to snow. Cod caught in frigid cold of the Sea of Japan (late January to mid-February) are called Kandara (winter cod). Kandara attract widespread popularity as one of the representative winter dishes. Kandara jiru is also called "Dongara jiru" in the Shonai region. Dongara jiru refers to soup made from fish offals and bones. 

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