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City of Gastronomy Festival

Tsuruoka participated in the City of Gastronomy Festival hosted by the fellow UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy Parma.

Chefs from all around the world

This festival used to be called "Gola Gola Festival". However, from this year onwards, the organiser, Parma city, renamed it as City of Gastronomy Festival. This two day event was held in the heart of Parma city during the first weekend of June (2-3 June 2018). Among many programs such as tasking, farmer's market and children's workshop, a cooking show was also held where chefs from all around the world participated to represent their country's unique cuisine.

“Feast of Tsuruoka” inspired by Mt. Haguro’s worship

A fusion of Tsuruoka’s and Parma’s cuisine

Chefs from 8 different Creative Cities of Gastronomy participated in the cooking show held on the first day. Chefs would showcase their hometown's cuisine to local guests while incorporating Italian ingredients into their dishes.


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