Mr. Tadano Katakura
Mr. Ryo Ito

“Feast of Tsuruoka” inspired by Mt. Haguro’s worship
A fusion of Tsuruoka’s and Parma’s cuisine

1. Parma pork marinated in tomato koji and miso finished up in “Tsutsugamushi” style

 Shoreisai; a festival on New Year’s Eve, where worshippers of mountain asceticism gather to cast away evil spirits by burning straw called “Tsutsugamushi” and pray for a prosperous harvest. After religious ceremonies, the sake offered to the gods is served to worshippers as a ritual to become one with god. 
 These elements of the festival are incorporated into the dish by steaming Parma pork with sake and straw.

2. Onigiri (rice ball) with Tsuyahime rice and Dadacha soybeans

 According to the myth, the founder of Mt. Haguro’s worship was guided by a three-legged crow. Symbolizing the crow, black rice was cultivated as an offering to gods. Serving rice balls to the participants of Shoreisai festival is a tradition. Dadacha soybean is a special variety only cultivated in Tsuruoka city. According to the tale “Dadacha” meaning “dad” got its name from the feudal lord who was fond of the beans and wanted to know which “Dadacha” men grew the beans. 
 Gaining inspiration from these traditions the chef created a rice ball using the high-quality Tsuyahime rice with Dadacha soybeans and Kochia seeds.

3. The fusion of Parma and Tsuruoka on a skewer

 The 15th of July is the Flower Festival on Mt. Haguro. The purpose of this festival is to pray for a prosperous harvest. Artificial flowers shaped as the rice plant’s flower are paraded around on a 5-6m rod for worshippers to fight for since these flowers also act as lucky charms.  During this festival, a special skewer meal is offered with konjac, potato, carrot, deep-fried tofu and kelp.
 By eating this meal it is believed that one can absorb the energy of the universe.
This time

 ① Bamboo shoot with Parma ham 
 ② Carrot with sake lees 
 ③ Taro with truffles 
 ④ Artichokes 
 ⑤ Tsuyahime rice dessert will be served on the skewer.

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